Point One Studio


Artist Mr. Junghwo Park presents his collection of building illustrations at .1 Studio Read more...

CVIC, Jebudo, Korea

Such environments are information-rich, afford cognitive information processing, and thus allow its various inhabitants to navigate and home in on their respective vital resources. Read more...

Woodend House, Victoria, Australia

Our scope of works for Studio Osk was to document design concept & development by using BIM (Building Information Modeling) program. Read more...

Hope Systems, Seoul, South Korea

60 years after Liberation, 60 years of South Korean Economic progress, leading industry and technology for the future. Read more...

BRE BIM AP Examination

Congratulations!   Principal Junghwo Park has passed the BIM AP examination in 8th of July, 2014.   Welcome to BIM AP   Welcome to your first year of BIM AP membership. Many thanks for returning your completed code of conduct and booking form. You ar


Park's attributes are not limited to technical skill and efficiency, but also includes vital characteristics of integrity and honesty.   "박정후 대표는 효율적이고 고도의 테크닉을 갖추었을 뿐만 아니라 믿음직하고 성실한 성격의 소유자입니다."

Bo Ronngard (Principal) Bo Ronngard pty. ltd.